Solidea Active Speedy Unisex Graduated compression socks

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Solidea Active Speedy Unisex socks with graduated compression 12/15 mmHg

Made of three-dimensional wave micromassage fabric that boosts perfect skin transpiration and keeps feet dry and at the right temperature. The active micromassage by the fabric favors blood circulation and gives tone and energy.

The socks are made of bacteriostatic yarn that blocks the proliferation of bacteria and prevents the onset of bad odors even after hours of use. Designed to prevent venous insufficiency and especially recommended for all sports activities, reducing cramps and forestalling formation of lactic acid.

How to determine the proper size:

To obtain maximum benefit from the stocking the leg must be correctly measured. MEASUREMENTS TO BE TAKEN:

  • The circumference of the ankle (cB), at the narrowest point. This is the point of maximum pressure;
  • Shoes size


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